Week In Review: Adsense & What Women Want

This week in review covers what women want in a dating ad, how to get your hands on an Adsense guide, affiliates who do everything right and much more!

  • Attention: Plentyoffish Dating Affiliates – Finch is going to start writing premium posts every month. What does that mean for you? It means you can grab a pack of posts that will help you rock various types of Internet marketing. Check out this post for full details.
  • 5 Gadgets Every Affiliate Marketer Needs to Have – You still have a regular desk chair? And only one monitor? Is that an LG Rumor? You need to consult this list of must-have gadgets for affiliates immediately. You’re missing out, my friend!
  • Are You Earning Massive Profits? Part 2 – If not, this massive list of tips is calling your name. It’s almost guaranteed that you are not already capitalizing on all of these tips. This post will help you kick your marketing into gear.
  • What Women Want? Affiliate Marketing Dating Tips – There are 101 posts about creating the perfect dating ad for men. So, what’s missing? A post about creating the perfect dating ad for women. It’s time to step up your game (affiliate and otherwise).
  • When Affiliates Do Everything Right and Fail – Often, affiliates are their own biggest roadblock. Maybe they think they’re working harder than they really are or maybe they’re jumping from offer to offer too quickly. Whatever the case, this post can help.
  • SEO Unpredictability – Some people would have you think that SEO is straightforward and easy to manage. AdHustler has a wake up call for those people! SEO is not predictable. More often than not, you get results you weren’t expecting.
  • Make Money with Google Adsense Guide – Adsense is usually discovered a couple months before AdWords. Before you forget all about Adsense, check out this guide. You could be making big bucks from Adsense, and these resources will help you do just that.

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