What are some websites where you get paid for answering someone’s questions?

Are there any websites where you get paid to answer questions. And I'm not talking about you have to be some generic business-class professional experts with a master degree providing assistance to some generic business or medical or whatever work or school-related topic you may have to rely on.

I'm talking about you as an average Joe on the internet who doesn't even need a high school diploma, nevermind working directly for the company of that website and yet still get paid by answering or commenting to the most ludicrous stupid questions you've ever witnessed? Kind of similar to Reddit, Yahoo Answers, and Quora.

Example: If someone asked you "Does vaccine cause males too be pregnnt?" and you'll get paid for it, giving the most unironically logical and helpful answer or comment you could think of no matter how ludicrous the question is, would you do it?

PS: Let me know if this post doesn't made sense in term of my grammar and the context itself.

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