Yougov extention information

This is for anyone who has been using the yougov extention to earn cash and since the extention update the cash disappeared and converting into pointless points ..

It's under maintenance the yougov extention apparently and when it's done the extention will be updated to earn cash again, right now it's pointless to use it as the points go nowhere that you earn right now

I have spoke via email and they state

" Regarding YouGov Safe, the YouGov Safe plug-in is undergoing some maintenance, and as such it will not be available for a short period. During this time, there will be no available opportunities to share your data with Safe. YouGov Direct will be unaffected and you will still be able to complete Daily Questions and paid tasks as normal. We will send you a message as soon as Safe is back up and running.


Once the maintenance is over for YouGov Safe, the extension will provide you the chance to earn money and not points.

I didn't like the fact I found out it's a company based in India probs using our data to download our DNA lmfao 🤣🤣

Hopefully this helps for people wondering 😜

Company information attached to the email they sent

"YG Research India Private Limited Workflo by OYO, 4th Floor, Umiya Emporium, 102, Hosur Main Road, Tavarekere, Kaveri Layout, Adugodi, Opp. Forum Mall, Bangalore India".

Just sound like them scam phone call centre on Jim bowing channel hahahaha

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